Who is She?

I’m sure you’ve heard Her voice.  In those rare and precious moments of stillness.  In flashes of inspiration.  In sacred anger, tender longing, or wild ecstasy.  When you dare to speak your exquisite YES or your daring NO.

SHE is fluid and changing … Her voice is difficult to recognize, at first.  It comes in intuitive whispers. Kali roars. Erotic moans. Strange synchronicities. Birth screams. Dreams deciphered. Motherly songs for every sentient being. SHE is the Divine Feminine.  And she lives through you as your distinct, feminine Soul presence.  In all her colors, flavors and textures.  Yes, SHE is within every woman.  Including you, my dear. Waiting, whispering, longing to be seen and fully awakened. To be honored by being expressed through you, as you.

lanul de rapita

There was a time when men thought it was sexy to have a housewife waiting for him to come home from work in her slippers, but in modern society, I think an independent woman is even more sexy.
                                                                                                        Kat Graham


We chase her on yoga mats, in green smoothies, in relationships, and on the meditation cushion.  We gasp when she surprises us: in the bedroom or boardroom, in an argument or after a sunset.

Simply hearing Her voice is challenging. And following it can feel overwhelming and elusive.  We doubt Her guidance. It gets watered-down and drowned out by our frantic pace, endless self-doubt and criticism, desperate attempts to fix ourselves, and bottomless To Do lists.

Even when we find the time for meditation or yoga, they’re often presented in a more “masculine” style: linear, disembodied, achievement-focused …  another “self-care” item to achieve and “check off” our To Do lists.

So we cloak Her whispers.  Sometimes we misunderstand or even mistrust them.  We “power through” the instincts and pleas of our bodies.  We shame ourselves.  We punish our pleasure drives.  We come to believe we’re not sovereign, wise, and powerful beyond imagining.When you return to Her, SHE will in turn show you Your Way, even, and especially, when it’s hard and scary. Even when it hurts.

Every path to feminine awakening is unique.  Yet it always demands that we contact our inner wisdom (our SHE, our intuition, our feminine soul) and learn to live each day connected to Her.  When this happens, everything changes. Not because we necessarily want it to, but because it simply must.

The delusion that “I’ll take time for myself once everything is done” melts away and we recognize the undeniable truth: a woman’s inner life is the source and foundation of everything in her world. It IS what needs to be each woman’s #1 priority.

We develop the capacity to honor ourselves by accepting what is, and embrace our whole selves with new-found, deep compassion.

We reclaim our dark side — and discover the light that’s been hidden in the shadows.

We reconnect to our bodies: full, ripe, delicate, fierce, deeply knowing, flowing, bloody, tender, messy, and magic.

We awaken our biggest virtues. Patience, compassion, peace, and joy.  And we learn to share them — with the world and with ourselves — in wise, skillful ways.

Doubt and anxiety take a backseat while our inner knowing takes the lead in decision making.

We emerge whole and vital.  We come home to ourselves – in good times and bad.  We embrace all of ourselves, with all of our flaws, flavors, moods and colors. The Red Tent is for women ready to brave their own darkness, claim their deepest wisdom, and uncover and empower a life of Sacred Balance.

The Red Tent is your sanctuary and refuge for this deep soul nourishment and work.  It’s expansive, edgy but safe, intimate, and leading-edge.  It’s where we vision, explore, create, rest, and celebrate our SHE — together.“I feel very grounded and ready to move in a positive direction…”

“I still have a huge smile on my face from our time together in the Red Tent retreat. The timing was perfect and just what I needed. Thank you Sara for leading us and for your deep presence. I feel very grounded and really ready to move into positive action. Grateful for the wisdom, love, support and presence that are always flowing through the Tent. Thank you Goddesses!”- Megan Roop, Sunnyvale, USA